Get Rx Weight loss meds mailed to you in this 4 step process:

Step 1 : Contact us for an appointment by phone or text  
Step 2: We will direct you to get a few labs and schedule an FREE online consultation with the doctor. 
Step 3:   Once approved ,we will send medication via mail order to your home address
Step 4 : Start treatment injections with medical supervision & follow up

Most common questions : 

1. What are you offering? 

We are offering weight loss with the help of GLP 1 agonists, such as Terzepatide with telemedicine appointments.

2. What is Tirzepatide?

It is a GLP1 AGONIST that helps to : 

Stimulate pancreas to release insulin leading to lower sugar level

Helps with weight loss

Promote early satiety 

3. What is the cost?

Option 1

1 month supply  $350

Option 2

2-3 month supply  $650
4. What is the expected weight loss?

Approx. 20 % of total body weight however more weight loss can be achieved with diet and exercise modification

5. Does it work?

It definitely works. I have seen excellent results In my panel of several hundred patients along with family members and myself as a testimony that it does work.

6. Is Tirzepatide given with B12?

Generally, yes, most clinics are offering Tirzepatide with B12 shots to help elevated energy levels.

7. How is it given?

It is given as a small injection in the subcutaneous fat in the abdomen.

8. Are there side effects?

All GLP agonists may have side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, GI upset

rarely it could cause pancreatitis. I have seen about 1 case of pancreatitis in about 300-400 people.

I have personally used Semiglutide and Tirzepatide.

I have not experienced any side effects with Tirzepatide, This is why I’m in favor of using Tirzepatide over all the other GLP1 agonist

9. Who cannot have Tirzepatide?

Pregnant women

Anyone with history of thyroid cancer

Diabetics with Type 1 should consult their endocrine specialist for expert opinion

10. What is the next step?

Contact us by phone or text to discuss options