1. What is a concierge membership?

Concierge medicine is a healthcare model that offers personalized care, accessibility and convenience for a flat fee . Patients pay a membership fee
to be a part of the practice. This allows their doctor to see fewer patients, spend more time with each individual, and deliver a much better experience. 

2. What are your membership fees?

Option 1 Adult ($500 /year)

Option 2 Pediatric ($400/year)

3. What does the membership fee cover?

Membership will allow you to have direct access to the physician for acute and chronic medical problems over the telemedicine service (cold, flu, UTI, HTN, Diabetes management, & other chronic diseases).

4. How many times can I call the physician per month?

There are no limitations to how many calls can be completed over a given month.

5. What if I want to cancel the yearly membership?

Membership can be canceled anytime, preferably before the new year. 

6. Do you accept insurance?

We do not accept any insurance at this time.

7. What if I need labs?

We will direct you to an appropriate lab center.
Patients are responsible for lab costs.

8. What about weight loss?

Weight loss program different than the standard membership. If you want to do weight loss and concierge membership, we can offer a discount.